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Citigroup Death Plunge Horror

We need to take some time out from all the moans about the heat, the trains and all those other petty things that annoy us from time to time, to reflect on the tragic events that occurred last Friday afternoon at Citigroup Centre in London's Canary Wharf district.

Another Bizarre 'Deutsche Death'


The Sun is calling it 'Suicide By Hooker', the latest in a string of deaths involving bankers who are said to have become depressed following the loss of their jobs, or problems at work.

UBS Defends Trial Dress Code Policy

Reuters reports that UBS has seen fit to issue a memo to some of its staff to defend the trial dress code it is requiring employees in five of its retail branches in Zurich to adhere to.

Goldman - Lloyd Overjoyed

We're not sure if CNBC has a hidden camera secreted about the person of Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein, but the business news channel appears to be there to witness his every profound statement.