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Two JPMorgan whistleblowers set to share $61m

JPMorgan Chase

Two whistle-blowers are set to share a record $61 million award from the Securities and Exchange Commission for helping make the case that JPMorgan Chase failed to disclose to wealthy clients that it was steering them into investments that would be most profitable for the bank.



Ex-C Suisse banker pleads guilty

A former Credit Suisse banker pleaded guilty to conspiring to help Americans hide income and assets from the Internal Revenue Service, admitting that she helped one U.S. client withdraw $1 million in cash rather than declare the money to the IRS.


JPMorgan Chase

Deutsche, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo to pay up

Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase have agreed to pay a combined $148 million to end private U.S. antitrust litigation claiming they conspired with other banks to manipulate the yen Libor and Euroyen Tibor benchmark interest rates.