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HSBC Canary Wharf close-up

Reuters People News - BofA, Citi, Goldman, HSBC

Bank of America has appointed Marco Chisari and Rob Brass as co-heads of global semiconductor investment banking in a move aimed to deepen the bank’s focus on the sector, according to a memo published on Monday and confirmed by a spokesman.

Dwarf Tossing - The Rules

Dwarf-tossing is outlawed in France and in several US states. A United Nations human rights committee ruled that the 'sport' is contrary to human dignity.


Hong Kong City

Hong Kong's IPO market is headed for a banner 2018

Hong Kong's booming IPO market is set to reach more than 300 billion Hong Kong dollars ($38.4 billion) in 2018, according to consultancy KPMG. The city continues to attract mainland Chinese companies and is likely to finish the year as the world's top market for new listings.