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Juicy Hedge Fund Insider Allegations Revealed

Now that Rajat Gupta, the former Goldman board director (and ex-lead partner over at McKinsey) has been charged with insider trading linked to the Raj Rajaratnam (hedge fund Galleon founder) insider case, new juicy allegations are emerging.

SEC Proposes Tougher Rules On Bonuses

The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed a rule that would require certain financial institutions to disclose the structure of their incentive-based compensation practices, and prohibit such institutions from maintaining compensation arrangements that encourage inappropriate risks.

Analyst - Did Being A Woman Help ?

The New York Post reports that some feel that Morgan Stanley's high-profile internet analyst Mary Mecker may have been given a better ride by US regulators as she is a woman and, unlike fallen stars Henry Blodget, Jack Grubman and Frank Quattrone, has a 'genteel' nature.