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The $20bn Man

60 Million Man

JPMorgan Chase is extending its biggest ever loan - $20bn - to provide AT&T with bridging financing for its $39bn deal to acquire Deutsche Telecom's T-Mobile US business.

Goldman Memo Prompts Speculation Of Leadership Succession

Goldman Crowned

Staff over at Goldman Sachs are said to have received a memo Monday, advising them that Michael Sherwood, the firm's London-based vice chair, is to succeed President Gary Cohn as head of the influential partnership committee, which oversees the selection of new Goldman partners every two years.

The Global Financial Centres Index - Top 10

City of London at Night

The Z/Yen Group has published its ninth Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI 9) covering 75 financial centres. The big change from GFCI 8 in September 2010 is that Hong Kong has clearly joined London and New York as one of the 'Big Three' Global Financial Centres.