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Look Who Made $554m From Trading Lehman Brothers Bonds

On Top

It was just a week or two ago that this hedge fund manager was in the news because he took a big bath on a Chinese stock. A few days later, and he's top of the heap again, after making a $554m profit (before legal fees) on over 2,000 trades in Lehman bonds, executed after the firm entered bankruptcy in September 2008.

The Musings Of Charlie Munger


87-year-old Charlie Munger is an investment manager and philanthropist. He is Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, the diversified investment business chaired by Warren Buffett; in that capacity, Buffett describes Munger as 'my partner'.

Top Firm Execs Said To Be Close To 'Open Warfare' (Thanks To UBS)

Missile Tank

Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann is said to be furious that Clemens Borsig, the bank's supervisory board chairman and the person tasked with leading the charge to find Ackermann's successor, didn't move quick enough to find something appealing enough to entice over Axel Weber, former President of the Bundesbank.



Church Window

Bankers asked to swap profit for prayer

Bright young professionals from the banking industry have been asked to attend a year-long course run by the Anglican Church, which aims to "reboot" the values of financial services following the global financial crisis.