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Banker Pushes Back - 'I Am The 1%'

Sunset Janusz Gawron

With 'Occupy' protesters showing up in parks here, there and everywhere, I started to wonder who their worst enemy - the 1% - actually was. As I discovered, the 1% was me, and most of the people I know.

Investor Seeks $383m From Citi Over 'Complex' Products

Abbar Vs Citigroup Still

Saudi businessman Ghazi Abbar, who claims in an affidavit he lost $383m of his family's fortune on investments with Citigroup Inc., was sold one of the transactions even though the bank questioned his ability to properly manage them, according to an internal memo.



Shiny Brain ArtM Sxc Hu

Google's slow brain drain

Google is a massive company loaded with smart people, but high-profile departures are adding up. The latest is Senior Vice President Alan Eustace.

Subway Eticate Header

NY subways: What you don't know could kill you

New York's subway system, among the busiest in the world, carries more commuters than previously thought: researchers have identified 562 species of bacteria in the city's subway stations including 67 species associated with illness, according to The Wall Street Journal.