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Facebook’s IPO Legal Battle Kicks Off in Federal Court

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While Facebook, its board, its IPO underwriters (which include Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan, and the Nasdaq may be eager to forget about the social network’s much-maligned May debut, the group was reminded Thursday that disgruntled investors will not let the issue die anytime soon.

Does Goldman Have The 'Lazard Problem' ?

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One prominent investor who focuses on financial stocks said Goldman Sachs is facing 'the Lazard problem' - a culture where employees expect to get paid a lot, and will leave if they don’t. But, he says, management is not seeing things the same way as shareholders because they have fared much better financially, even in bad times.



Exit Sign

Goldman said concerned over job secrets

The New York Federal Reserve’s lead supervisor of Goldman Sachs has quit for a job advising other financial firms, triggering concerns within the Wall Street bank that some of its business secrets might not stay so secret.

A Billion Dollars

Barclays thought set for record fine

The City watchdog is expected to hand out its biggest-ever fine to Barclays on Wednesday as the British bank becomes the last major financial institution to settle foreign exchange rigging allegations in the UK.