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Inside the Mind of An Inside Trader


Your fund has never had a bad year. But this year that winning streak looks like it will come to an end. The boss, whose name you hardly ever say out loud, is going to fire a lot of people. A lot. But you've got an edge.

SAC’s Cohen Pulled Deeper Into Insider Trading Probe

For the sixth time, the U.S. government has linked an employee of hedge-fund icon Steven A. Cohen to insider trading while at the firm. For the first time, prosecutors said Cohen had talked with a defendant about the stocks in their complaint, pulling him deeper into one of the biggest investigations of securities fraud in history.



Beached Whale

JPMorgan wins dismissal of London Whale suit

JPMorgan officials including CEO Jamie Dimon do not have to face a shareholder lawsuit claiming they failed to properly investigate the 'London Whale' trading scandal that caused $6.2bn in losses, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday.