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Large Banks Seen Dodging EU Financial Tax Bullet

A financial trading tax (FTT) planned by a group of euro zone nations could leave major banks, its main target, relatively unscathed while less nimble smaller trading houses, pension funds and asset managers bear the brunt.

Jamie Dimon - 'I'm Sorry'

Jamie Dimons Horns

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon apologized to shareholders for the $6bn loss caused by the so-called 'whale' trade, calling it a 'terrible mistake', but said the bank has moved on and is still highly profitable.

Morgan Stanley: The Bank Big Traders Are Betting On


The company's latest report and conference call were bullish from many standpoints, and encouraged option traders to step into long positions in the stock. Morgan Stanley finally looks to be done cleaning house, and can now focus on running its business as normal.