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MF Global Customers Will Get Money Back: Freeh

Jon Corzine

Former customers of Jon Corzine's collapsed brokerage MF Global would recover most, and probably all, of their money under the latest projections by the trustee liquidating its bankrupt parent company.

Oh To Be Goldman's CFO

Pot Of Gold

Harvey M. Schwartz, who became Goldman Sachs' Chief Financial Officer last week, owns stock and options in the bank worth about $75m.

Another Bad Week For Barclays

Barclays Canary Wharf

Barclays has form as a clever-clogs deal-doer. In the infamous Protium transaction in 2009 it cast off a $12.3bn collection of toxic assets to a Cayman Islands-registered fund, led by departing Barclays employees, which borrowed a cool $12.6bn from Barclays itself to do the deal.