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Jamie Dimon - It's Not All About You

Super Dimon

A British pension fund advisor-joining calls for JPMorgan to split the role of chairman and CEO-told CNBC its decision is unaffected by the threat of a possible Jamie Dimon exit. This is "clearly not" a referendum on Dimon's leadership.

Morgan Stanley CEO Gorman Faces Hot Seat

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Morgan Stanley Chairman and CEO James Gorman may face some intense questioning Tuesday at the firm's annual meeting in Purchase, NY. The shares are down more than 19 percent since Gorman took the helm in January, 2010.

Can Wall Street Live Without Bloomberg ?

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Even if trading firms aren't likely to dump their Bloomberg terminals anytime soon, Wall Street pros say the firm still faces long-term damage to its brand credibility from its privacy breach scandal.

Barclays Wins Dismissal Of U.S. Libor Lawsuit

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Barclays, the first bank to settle with authorities over alleged manipulation of the Libor interest rate, on Monday won the dismissal of a U.S. lawsuit by shareholders who claimed they lost money because of the British bank's activity.



Hong Kong

HSBC's ties to tycoon reaps benefits

HSBC has shot to second rank among banks advising Asian firms on merger deals, its highest ever, due to ties to one man: Hong Kong tycoon and the region's richest man, Li Ka-shing.