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RBS Negative, Gives Up Libor Fight


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), the recipient of the world’s biggest banking bailout, had its credit outlook changed to negative from stable by Standard & Poor’s amid 'new failings' across the U.K. financial system.

Top 1% Control 39% of World's Wealth

Pot Of Gold

The wealthiest 1 percent now control 39 percent of the world's wealth, and their share is likely to grow in the coming years, according to a new report.

European Banks Set To Cash In On Subprime Sales


Europe's banks, which were among the biggest buyers of U.S. mortgage bonds before the financial crisis, are set to cash in on America's housing recovery by selling the once "toxic" assets back to U.S. lenders.



Deutsche Bank - Foyer Bridge

Ex-Deutsche head sues firm for unfair dismissal

Benjamin Solomon, Deutsche Bank’s former global head of securitized-product trading, accused the company in a lawsuit of firing him on frivolous and unjust grounds amid an industry focus on supervisors’ responsibilities.