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Ex-BofA employee charged with stealing $6m from friends, family, customers

Money On Hook

Boston - A former personal banker with Bank of America’s Reading branch was indicted Monday for allegedly running a Ponzi-like scheme, luring friends and family into investing millions into fake accounts by promising high returns and eventually stealing from elderly bank customers to pay the investors, according to Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Pimco flagship fund loses big on bond shock

Federal Reserve Logo

Pimco's flagship Total Return Bond Fund took a hefty hit in June, due to the sharp rise in bond yields that was sparked by fears the U.S. Federal Reserve will scale back its asset-purchasing program.

Anglo Irish Bank tapes: executives mock Germans amid bailout

Angela Merkel Speaks

The Irish prime minister has pledged to open an investigation into the €30bn (£25.5bn) bailout of Anglo Irish Bank as it emerged that an executive sang "Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles" as colleagues joked about German money flowing into the country after a state guarantee of the institution's deposits.