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Goldman traders made $1bn in 10 days

A Billion Dollars

Goldman Sachs, which generated about half its revenue from trading last quarter, posted losses from that business on six days in the second quarter, unchanged from a year earlier.

Goldman President said to seek PR face-time

Gary Cohn Interview Pic

When Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn recently addressed first-year analysts while his boss, CEO Lloyd Blankfein, got stuck talking to the firm’s lowly interns, the rumor mill inside the big Wall Street firm began to churn over whether this was a sign that Cohn was about to get the job he has longed coveted and run the famed investment bank.



Sec Building

Two UBS advisory firms settle charges with SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that two UBS advisory firms have agreed to settle charges arising from their roles in failing to disclose a change in investment strategy by UBS Willow Fund LLC, a closed-end fund they advised.