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UK PM warns on second global crash


The global economy is again showing worrying signs of an imminent financial crisis, according to David Cameron, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, who has warned of a dangerous backdrop of instability and uncertainty.

Will snap elections derail Abenomics ?

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If Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were to call a snap election, it could extend the country's stock rally, but analysts say it would undermine confidence in his ability to put the economy back on a stable path in the longer-run.

Fears of German recession as moment of truth looms

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Just days before Germany's much anticipated third quarter gross domestic product (GDP) data is released, business leaders and policy makers warn that the euro zone's largest economy has lost its competitiveness and is on the brink of a recession.



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Brazil's economy slumps to 25-year low

Brazil’s economy suffered its worst slump for quarter of a century last year as a global commodity rout, a domestic political crisis and rising inflation forced businesses to slash spending and jobs.