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Tales of Talent - A Modern Fable For Today's Leaders

Fairy Tales Are For Kids Aren't They? Not this one! A series of short yet powerful modern day stories woven into the tale of a young boy in Medieval England are used to illustrate the importance of talent management in modern organisations. But don't let the enjoyable story or the apparent simplicity fool you. This book shares deep lessons and insights.

Power Failure - Mimi Swartz

We have just passed the second anniversary of the fall of Enron. Numerous books have been written on the subject, but only one is co-authored by the ultimate insider, 'whistleblower' Sherron Watkins.

On Top Of The World - Tom Barbash

The International Herald Tribune reports that a new book, 'On Top Of The World', is soon to be published which tells the story of Cantor Fitzgerald boss Howard Lutnick's life for six months after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The author, Tom Barbash, was shadowing Lutnick during that time..

Tearing Down The Walls - Monica Langley

If you are short on ideas for a Christmas present for a pal or work colleague, you could do far worse than buy 'Tearing Down The Walls - How Sandy Weill Fought His Way to the Top of the Financial World....and Then Nearly Lost It All' by Monica Langley (Wall Street Journal Books).