Upstairs At The Washington

The Washington, Primrose Hill

What is it with people that complain about the weather in this country? Winter is either too cold or not cold enough for snow, while summers are either too wet, or too hot.

The Century Club

The Century Club, Soho

Wow. The Rushmore Group has proved me wrong. I was beginning to think that the team that brought us Milk and Honey (still going strong after ten years) followed by the influential mid-century modern bar The East Rooms (tragically lost in a fire) seemed to be stuttering.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Ozone Coffee Roasters, Shoreditch

The ability of New Zealanders (or kiwis in English parlance) to reinvent themselves by appropriating the best bits of other cultures never fails to amaze me. The NZ that I grew up in was awash with ale, ale, and more ale.

The Folly Downstairs Bar

The Folly, The City

"Tuesday is the new Thursday," said the hunky Australian waiter as he took us to our table. And judging by the number of people out celebrating in the Folly on this particular Tuesday, I think he was right.