Travolta Life On The Line

John Travolta stars as a lineman whose job it is everyday to risk his life while repairing electrical wires in the new film ‘Life on the Line.

Movie Review: MOONLIGHT

Moonlight Still

A tender, heartwarming story of a young black gay man growing up in 1980’s Miami is the story of the critically acclaimed film ‘Moonlight.’


The Phoenix Incident

The Phoenix Incident (REVIEW)

A science fiction / drama-documentary film about the 1997 case of four missing men that might be linked to UFO sightings on the same night in the same area.

Vince Vaughn In Delivery Man

Delivery Man [REVIEW]

David Wozniak is a meat delivery driver who has a girlfriend who doesn't trust him, owes money to the mob, and is the father of 533 children. All of this in the new film Delivery Man, now on video.

Richard Griffiths And Danny DeVito

The Sunshine Boys [REVIEW]

Who would have expected to see one of England's most esteemed stage actors, Richard Griffiths, on a West End stage with the very short American TV and film star Danny DeVito? But there they are, on the Savoy Theatre stage, starring in a remake of The Sunshine Boys, by Neil Simon.