Travolta Life On The Line

John Travolta stars as a lineman whose job it is everyday to risk his life while repairing electrical wires in the new film ‘Life on the Line.

Movie Review: MOONLIGHT

Moonlight Still

A tender, heartwarming story of a young black gay man growing up in 1980’s Miami is the story of the critically acclaimed film ‘Moonlight.’


The Phoenix Incident

The Phoenix Incident (REVIEW)

A science fiction / drama-documentary film about the 1997 case of four missing men that might be linked to UFO sightings on the same night in the same area.

Agatha A

45 Years (REVIEW)

A wife must rethink her 45-year marriage after her husband's confession for the love of another woman a long time ago.

Chemsex 3

Chemsex (Review)

A hard hitting and harrowing film about London's gay subculture and the men who risk their lives just for a few moments of pleasure

Richard Griffiths And Danny DeVito

The Sunshine Boys [REVIEW]

Who would have expected to see one of England's most esteemed stage actors, Richard Griffiths, on a West End stage with the very short American TV and film star Danny DeVito? But there they are, on the Savoy Theatre stage, starring in a remake of The Sunshine Boys, by Neil Simon.