LATEST is Best

Girlfriend - Wim Demortier

This is not about baby milk. It is about augmentation, enhancement or however you care to label it. Quite simply it is about boob jobs, and for increasing numbers of women, they are rather appealing.

Shameless Plugs: Rothko at the Tate

Rothko - Black on Maroon - Tate

This is the first in a Shameless Plugs series, and the point of this column is to simply effuse about greatness. There is no sponsorship, no gratis mug, no free ticket. It's simply a shameless sharing of those venues that inspire, delight, entertain and add to your life.

The End of the World is Postponed

Black Hole - Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

No doubt in perusing the news you visually tripped upon the fact that deep underground in Switzerland, an assembled team of insanely mad scientists has embarked upon a project that evil geniuses could only dream of.