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‘Top of the Flops’ – Karel Poborsky

Each week Simon Bunn looks back at a player that arrived in the Premiership with a huge reputation, and often a hefty transfer fee. They were the type of signing that had fans licking their lips and rushing to club shops to get their new heroes name embezzled on the back of shirts. But, after the hype followed the ultimate realisation that they couldn’t quite cut the English mustard.

David Ginola

'The good old days' – David Ginola

Each week Simon Bunn looks back at the exploits of those that set the Premier League alight. To earn a resting place in this feature the player had to be a true Premier League legend… former Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur maestro David Ginola certainly falls into that category.

Georgi Kinkladze

‘Cult Heroes’ – Georgi Kinkladze

Each week Simon Bunn looks back at a Premiership ‘Cult Hero.’ They may not necessarily have been the greatest performer on the pitch, but each and every one of them contained a certain insatiable something that endured them to their clubs fans. It may have been a haircut, a celebration, an outlandish fur coat or a cultural faux par, but whatever it was they were bloody memorable.