So, You Think You're Fit?

Screen Shot 2011 05 18 At 22 28 14

Calling all fitness enthusiasts! Get out your Lycra, lace up your trainers, and head down to the gym, because you’ve got work to do!

Beware of the Fake Fitness Prophecy

Work It Out Patti Gray

This week I’m putting down my tofu broth, rolling up my yoga mat, and packing away my shake weights. I'm on a good old-fashioned rant. Fitness fads and phonies, I’m coming for you!

How to Drink and Still Stay Thin

Regent's Park Simon Gurney

In case you live under a rock and failed to notice the masses in the park at the weekend (in addition to the abundance of sunburnt faces on Monday), you may be surprised to learn that the sun is back in London town.

Running Somewhere on April 17th?

Runners Margan Zajdowicz

The 17th of April marks a significant date for many of you. It is, of course, the date of my first BBQ of 2011. Running a close second is the Virgin London Marathon.

The Running Epidemic

Woman Jogging Blur Ariel Da Silva Parreira

An epidemic is sweeping through the streets and parks of London, yet no one seems to care. Nobody is doing anything about it, and I don’t know where to turn. I am, of course, talking about people who do not know how to run.