Once [Review]


London musical theatre is going great guns, and in terms of new shows, it's the Book of Mormon on everyone’s radar. (With the marketing blitz that has covered all of the South East I am not surprised.) But a show that has quietly just opened is the one I have been waiting for.

Book of Mormon [REVIEW]

The Book Of Mormon

When it comes to comedy I prefer mine raw. So with the writers of South Park and the creator of Avenue Q in the mix, I was expecting this – the hottest show on Broadway that has now arrived in London – to really hit close to the mark, and follow Jackie Mason’s mantra: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger, comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die”.

Matilda the Musical [REVIEW]

Matilda The Musical

This musical is based on Roald Dahl’s story of an exceptional young girl born into a rather strange and weird family, which think of the telly as an educational tool and are freaked out by her reading books.

A Layman on 'The Effect'

The Effect Theatre

You should be aware that this is the hottest tickets in London theatre right now. I saw this the other week, and there were 30 people queuing for returns. Apparently, this is a daily occurrence.

Viva Forever [REVIEW]

Viva Forever

I owe the Spice Girls a debt.They made my final year at University great, and I got drunk and danced to their music on many a night. We all did, so let’s not deny it.

Constellations [REVIEW]


In what universe would a cosmologist get it together with a bee-keeper? How about the universe in which the bee-keeper blows off the cosmologist? And in exactly which universe would they get back together? According to Nick Payne, the writer of Constellations, in quite a few of the many parallel universes that are out there.

Our Boys [REVIEW]

Our Boys

Without really giving it much thought, I booked tickets to this play and turned up only to realise that the theatre was in no way near sold out (which is never a good sign), and a large section of the crowd were 'young ladies' drawn by the pretty boy cast. I contemplated leaving, but I'm glad I didn't.

George Michael, Symphonica [REVIEW]

Symphonica Tour

A Sunday night with George Michael: what I lucky guy I was! I had purchased these tickets just over 18 months ago, I guess I am also a patient man. But being a George Michael fan (nothing to hide here), you get used to waiting for that day when a concert gets announced.


Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler [REVIEW]

The theatre is like a drug to me, and like any addict, well, I can't say no. But I'll admit: I was unsure about going to see this.


Kanjoos [REVIEW]

Another venture outside of the West End, and this time to slightly overcast South London. Tara Arts Theatre has a very community type of feel, very different to being in the West End, and I have to say quite refreshing to have a slightly different experience.