Goodbye to Icons of the 1970s

Michael Jackson with the Reagans

This last week has seen the passing of two icons of the 1970s - Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. For those of us of a certain age, they were on posters everywhere, and household names throughout the US and Europe.

Just Put it on Expenses, Old Chap

Caerlaverock Castle - Cynthia Berridge

I worked with a Head of Internal Audit in a bank, who said that, whenever anybody was under investigation, the first thing they did was to look at the person’s expenses. Because people leave expenses to the last minute and often get somebody else to do them, you can always find an inaccuracy or two.

Prayer Lost in a Snowstorm

Susan's Snow Angel - Debbie Schiel

Just before the snow started falling last week, a story hit the BBC news screens about a nurse who had been disciplined by her local health authority. She had offered to pray for one of her sick patients.

Celebrity Big Bother

Verne Troyer on Celebrity Big Brother

As those of us who are lucky enough to remain employed trudge back to our desks, please spare a thought for those who have little hope of a happy life, and who have to plumb the depths of despair to enjoy the few crumbs of self-respect gained through...yes, you’ve guessed it, Celebrity Big Brother. It's back.

Let’s Vote for John Sergeant!

You City folk are too cool to admit to watching Strictly Come Dancing, but I know you secretly do. In between Saturday afternoon's shopping trip and Saturday evening's party, you press record on SkyPlus, and watch the show quietly on Sunday morning when everybody else is sleeping off their hangovers.

Let's Hear it For the Americans

The Ryder Cup has been a bit of a one-way affair in recent years, with Europe playing far better as a team, and the Americans showing that a team can be less than the sum of the parts.

Why Hamilton Will Win the Grand Prix

Often not yet completely independent financially, without the maturity which redefines the relationship between the older parent and adult child, but having shaken off the disrespectful teenage attitude towards his father, a young man will often do very much as his father says.

Alternative Summer Sports

Bored with tennis so soon? Or are you just not up to speed with the tennis world? If you are unsure whether Mount Murray is the latest viewing spot or an instruction from the tennis Kama Sutra, why not take up an alternative summer sport?