Sex - A British Obsession?

Banging Beetles - Konrad Mostert

There is no doubt that we have a national obsession with the sexual indiscretions of others. Newspapers and magazines dedicate hundreds of column inches each week to the predilections of our leaders or their wives, 'celebs', and sportsmen.

Sam's Makes Chiswick Locals Happy

Sam's Brasserie & Bar in Chiswick

Tucked away like a local's secret off of Chiswick High Road, Sam's occupies the interior of a reclaimed paper factory, a bright, modernist space containing both a bar and a brasserie with discrete tables for two as well as larger tables for bigger groups.

Oh My, Amaya

Assorted Nuts - SDicks

Any critical review requires a balanced blend of objectivity with subjectivity. So here’s the objective part.



Guaranteed to be a hit with fans of political dramas such as the West Wing, director Ron Howard’s adaptation of Peter Morgan’s stage success has Michael Sheen and Frank Langella resurrecting their respective West End and Broadway roles.

Never Mind the B......ks?

Guys, the chance of us dying in a plane crash is about one in 11 million. So why are more likely to know the emergency procedure for exiting a 737 than how to effectively exam our balls?

Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl

Set in a small Canadian town in the grip of winter, this comedy is the story of Lars Lindstrom, a sweet-natured but reticent young man who rebuffs social interaction with his family and colleagues at every opportunity for the seclusion of his flat, in the garage family home, and his computer.

Anchor & Hope for a Table

The Anchor & Hope

Tucked away on The Cut in SE1, ideal for the Old and Young Vics and the South Bank, this Gastropub has been serving traditional and seasonal British dishes since 2003, and has received a range of accolades and rave reviews along the way.

Saddle Up and Ride to EC2

The Hoxton Pony

Set over two floors, The Hoxton Pony is a new and ambitous addition to the Shoreditch / Hoxton scene. It mixes an upmarket cocktail lounge with impressive gastropub fare, complimented by separate DJ’s on both the main dance floor on the lower level.

Etiquette for Social Networkers

Laptop - Georgios Wollbrecht

Last month, Martha Stewart gave an unintended lesson to all those who feel the need to blog or put post on social networking sites. Having attended a private fundraising function, she posted a photo of herself with a very gaunt looking Paul Newman, sparking rumours of his failing health.

Please Relieve Me, Let Me Go

The Perfect Escape - Ben Shafer

The work ethic of Ebenezer Scrooge appears alive and well in Scotland. The Scotsman reports that meat supplier Brown Brothers has recently negotiated a small pay increase with its workforce in exchange for a Dickensian agreement whereby employees only visit the loo at set times.  


Atonement Not Found

Based on the Ian McEwan novel, Christopher Hampton's (Oscar Winner for Dangerous Liasons) screenplay explores the notion of consequences and the responsibility an individual has for a mistake they make as a child.