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9/11 - 'He never made it'


Here are a few posts sent in by our readers, describing what happened to them on September 11th, when the terrorists struck the Twin Towers:


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The Lucy Gao E-Mail

Here the most famous e-mail ever sent out by a City intern. Lucy Gao is the 21-year-old Citigroup intern who had a placement in the company's Real Estate Equity Group in London, and whose birthday invite to her friends 13 months ago found it's way onto the internet and did the rounds at investment banks all around the world.

Boss Catches Absent Male Intern Dressed As Fairy

There's a great story, complete with picture, on According to the website, a young intern working at Anglo Irish Bank's North American unit sent an e-mail to his boss this Halloween explaining that he wouldn't be in for a couple of days as 'something came up at home'. The next day the intern's boss was sent a photo of his young charge (which was already up on Facebook), dressed as a fairy (and looking slightly the worst for wear) at a party the night before.

Age 23 - Is This Banker The Youngest VP Ever ?

Each year thousands of graduates / MBAs find work in the financial markets. All start at (or near) the bottom of the ladder, and hope that one day they will make it big. Few do. And those who eventually achieve success usually face a relatively long wait. Not so one young man who, at 23, just might be the youngest VP ever to attain that position in a major investment bank.

Prop Trader Gets Bad Bonus News

The UK Court of Appeal ruled Friday that Commerzbank was quite entitled to axe a trader and not compensate him for any bonus he would have made had he been an employee at year-end.