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The Lucy Gao E-Mail

Here the most famous e-mail ever sent out by a City intern. Lucy Gao is the 21-year-old Citigroup intern who had a placement in the company's Real Estate Equity Group in London, and whose birthday invite to her friends 13 months ago found it's way onto the internet and did the rounds at investment banks all around the world.

Dwarf Tossing - The Rules

Dwarf-tossing is outlawed in France and in several US states. A United Nations human rights committee ruled that the 'sport' is contrary to human dignity.

The Letter That Has Put HSBC In Focus

Here's a copy of the letter dated 4th September to Stephen Green, HSBC's Executive Chairman, from Eric Knight, Knight Vinke Asset Management and Dennis Johnson of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).