Is Paternity Leave For Wimps ?

Paternity leave is all the rage these days. But is it really essential ? Do dads really take time off to help with the new-born, or it is really just another excuse to have a few more days off at an employer's expense ?

Citigroup Death Plunge Horror

We need to take some time out from all the moans about the heat, the trains and all those other petty things that annoy us from time to time, to reflect on the tragic events that occurred last Friday afternoon at Citigroup Centre in London's Canary Wharf district.

The Lucy Gao E-Mail

Here the most famous e-mail ever sent out by a City intern. Lucy Gao is the 21-year-old Citigroup intern who had a placement in the company's Real Estate Equity Group in London, and whose birthday invite to her friends 13 months ago found it's way onto the internet and did the rounds at investment banks all around the world.

JPMorgan Trader Sues For $2m Over Bonus & Stock

The Financial Times reports that Daniel Ridgway, an former options trader over at JP Morgan in London, is suing for $2m. He wants $500,000 for non-payment of a bonus for 2003, and seeks $1.56m in respect of stock options and restricted stock he says he lost when he was forced to leave the firm in 2004.