The Insincere Tiger

Much has been made about whether or not Tiger’s recent apology was sufficiently sincere. The media seized upon that as the crucial issue, because if his apology really was genuine, then we can assume he sees the error of his ways, and is indeed on the road to recovery.

Bad Idea? Cross-Country Skiing

One of my all-time favorite Saturday Night Live sketches is a faux-commercial for a fictitious line of clothing called “Bad Idea Jeans". (Unfortunately I couldn’t find it on YouTube, although I found a series of more recent videos suggesting that someone has actually turned Bad Idea Jeans into a real company.)

Book Review: Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice

Like most literature grad students, I occasionally struggled to come up with good paper topics for my seminars. Once, while grappling with a particularly challenging novel, I consulted a friend for advice. He was full of helpful suggestions, but he also slipped in a stumper. “What’s the texture of the text?” he asked me.