The Alternative To Corporate Work

Cuppacino Trinity Lotus Head

How many of you have dreamt of opening a cafe, breathing in coffee aroma, calling out orders of "skinny flat white, no sugar", and making pretty latte art? I am sure if I ask my co-workers, there will be at least a few who confess.

Big in Japan

Mikimoto Ginza - Oiuysdfg, Wikipedia

After an absence of six years to this city of contrasts, I flew in for a two-day trip and recounted the things that make Tokyo so seriously cool.

Why Life in Singapore is Good

City Skyline - Zern Liew

It's been seven months since I relocated back to Singapore after being away for four years. As with anywhere in the world, there are pros and cons. But today, we're talking about the good things.

When Hoarding Goes Too Far

Eggs on a Blue Washbasin - Toni Sanchis

I know many people who hoard. The things they hoard range from university lecture notes religiously written in their own brand of shorthand, to disposable plastic containers from take-away meals to expired foodstuffs hidden away in the bowels of the freezer.

Employed Vs Unemployed

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Three months have gone by since I have re-entered the corporate world and discarded the mantle of a lady of leisure.

How To Buy A Property in Ten Days

Sale 2 - Roland Maier

Call it desperation or necessity (I prefer to think of it as my usual efficiency, though it did shell-shock The Boy), but I bought a flat on day 10 of my relocation back from Sydney to Singapore. And now I have some tips on to how to speed buy, if needed.

From Singapore to Sydney to Singapore

australia - japie de jong

I sit here pondering over how quickly four years have gone by, when I packed my bags and came Down Under, lived in a shoebox for ages, balancing grad school and a part-time corporate job in financial services.

Retrenched? Save Money, Save Yourself

Drinking Water 2 - Sanja Gjenero

When my last day of gainful employment was looming large, the Boy pronounced that people who are not working tend to spend more money than people who are employed. They have more free time on their hands and have to occupy themselves, and in turn, spend more money doing that.

Unemployed? Cash Is On The Way

Flea Market - Herman Brinkman

The market is picking up. That's the common refrain I've been hearing from recruiters for the last four months or so. Well, I, for one, do not think it is really picking up because it hasn't translated into more interviews, let alone job offers, for me.


The Extended Notice Period

I am finally counting down my last two weeks of the last 12 years of my life in the financial services. Being on an extended six-month notice period has its pros and cons.

The Recession Diet

Three weeks of feasting on delicious (read: fattening, carb-laden, coconut milk-based) food in Singapore and Penang contributed two kilos of excess body baggage upon my return. This is not a surprise, nor is it unexpected.