A Psychotherapist on 'The Effect'

The Effect 2

I had not anticipated to commence my review of this play about psychotropic drugs with these words, after all, the production was lauded unanimously everywhere. But this is an infuriating play!

Miss Wrong Needs a Fix

Family Constellations Čestmír Štuka

The Soul Sister encounters a woman who has had enough. She's analyzed, considered and tried, but she still goes for the wrong guy. What next?

Discovering a Lingering Ex

Mail - iker (

It's not a conversation anyone wants to have - not the person with the complaint, or the person with the ex. But at some point it might be necessary, and the Soul Sister advises on how.


They You Up, Your Mum and Dad

Dear Soul Sister: I'm going to have a baby soon, and my husband and I want to screw him up as little as possible - although we both realise that doing a perfect job is impossible. Got any advice? Thanks, Sarah