The 7 current favourites to replace Jeremy Corbyn

John McDonnell and Diane Abbott have seemingly little credibility, and Clive Lewis may have blown his chances. Who then, is the heir to the throne?

Milliband, Corbyn... who next?

So who's next? They say a week is a long time in politics, so the odds are ever changing, but Paddy Power currently has Emily Thornberry topping the bill at 6/1. The MP for Islington South and Finsbury has been in the Commons since '05, and is seen as one of Corbyn's inner circle. She's gained some valuable PMQs experience in recent months, and as an international Human Rights Barrister she certainly has the technical know-how.

Keir Starmer, then? Paddy puts him at 7/1, and he's certainly favoured by many of those on the moderate wing of the Labour - and arguably more feared than Corbyn by the Conservatives. Starmer is charismatic and talks sense, but would he have the grassroots appeal that Thornberry or another Corbynite would command? He certainly wouldn't be Jeremy's first choice of successor.

Angela Rayner and Clive Lewis come in at third and fourth on 10/1 each. Both Corbynites, they're the darlings of the Labour Party grassroots - and the good odds suggest that Lewis' bust-up with Corbyn over Labour's Trident policy didn't hit his appeal as hard as the mainstream media thought it may have done. Rayner is popular for her background - she defies the Westminster establishment that are so unpopular - as she left school as a pregnant teenager. 

And what about lower down the list? At 50/1, an outside chance, granted, Tony Blair still clings on. Can any politico be taken seriously if they claim that Blair has a genuine chance at being the next Labour leader? Not really, but with the amount of people who still identify as 'Blairites,' you really do never know.