Conservatives Opt-Out organ donation scheme: what is it?

At Party Conference, the Conservatives announced their latest policy on organ donation - an opt-out scheme. But what actually is it?

Ministers are holding a consultation into opt-out organ donation - announced at Conservative Party Conference. But what actually is the scheme?: under the plans, anybody that didn't wish to donate their vital organs to hospitals after their death would have to opt-out of the scheme, rather than vice-versa, which is the current norm.

Wales, already, has introduced an opt-out system, and the Scottish government has already noted it will do the same.

The Welsh system is a 'soft opt-out,' meaning that the patient's family can object on their behalf. The current plan for England occurred after polling suggested that over 80% of those polled were in favour of the policy - though critics suggest it is a violation of civil liberties for a government to have default claim on an individual's organs.

According to advocates, however, currently 3 people die a day due to not being able to obtain the organ they need. For backbench Conservatives and those on the liberal wing on the Party - they will be hoping this showcases Theresa May's softer, more human side. Indeed, it is unlikely the Labour Party or others in opposition will oppose it - meaning we could soon be seeing the scheme rolled out in hospitals across England. 

Where do you stand on the policy?