Mindfulness matters

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Mindfulness may seem a million miles away from the fast-paced, always-on Square Mile, but more and more organisations are finding it’s just what their employees need to cope.

Originally developed by US academic Jon Kabat-Zinn as a non-religious form of meditation, mindfulness practice has been adopted by organisations around the world, as evidence builds about its ability to cut stress and anxiety. It can also have physical benefits such as lowering blood pressure.

But what exactly does it involve, and can you do it at work? The good news is that anyone can practice mindfulness, and it’s easy to get started. Your own workplace may offer information or have a mindfulness group, there are evening classes and lots of apps on the market. Some employers even subsidise mindfulness apps.

What’s more, once you’re up and running, mindfulness doesn’t have to take up much time, and your colleagues needn’t even know that you’re doing it. You don’t need any equipment, and you can do it anywhere – at your desk, before a meeting, or even when taking a walk. Many organisations in the UK and US are now making some form of mindfulness available to their workforces. And the benefits are impressive: everything from enhanced productivity to improved working relationships, creativity and concentration.

Find out more about how business is taking mindfulness seriously – and how it can help your own wellbeing – by downloading our whitepaper: Mindfulness in the workplace – On an upward curve.

The Bank Workers Charity exists to support the health and wellbeing of the banking community.

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