Tory members see Hammond and Rudd as uncommitted Brexiteers, says poll

A new YouGov poll asked Conservative party members to say how committed they thought each key MP was to taking Britain outside the European Union.

The MP who members saw as most committed to Brexit was Boris Johnson, who was at the helm of the campaign to leave the European Union. 89% of polled members said Boris was truly committed to Brexit, suggesting that should the next leadership election come down to Brexit, Boris could really be in with a shot.

The MP seen as the next most committed by Tory members was Brexit Secretary David Davis (82%), followed by Michael Gove then Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Theresa May came seventh, with just 53% of members thinking she wants Britain to leave the EU. No less than 35% of members said they think May actually wants to take Britain out of the EU. Even after all the "Brexit means Brexit" mantra, over a third of Tory members believe she is fully committed to delivering the will of the people.

At the bottom end of the table, are Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond and Justine Greening.

No less than 18% of members said they thought that Hammond was committed to Brexit while 22% said the same about Amber Rudd. Hammond and Rudd are seen as possible leadership contenders, but with the pair being seen as "Europhiles", they will have a hard time convincing members should they make it into the final round.

As for Justine Greening, just 17% said they thought she wanted to take the UK outside the union.

The full results of the poll can be accessed here.