Three reasons no one wants Theresa May’s job - except Jeremy Corbyn

Rumours about Tory leadership plots are resurfacing, but why would anyone even want to be prime minister right now?

On Monday, the former Tory party chairman Grant Shapps declared to the BBC that at least 30 party MPs supported the triggering of a contest to remove May from her position.

May hit back by declaring that she had the “full support of her cabinet,” according to the site.

Theresa May’s future is far from system, but here’s why she will (probably) stay put for now.

1. Brexit

If someone took the job from May, and led the party and country for the foreseeable future, their premiership would be forever associated with the Brexit negotiations. The negotiations may end up going extremely well, but many potential runners and ridings might well have calculated that it’s better for May to lead the country out the EU, allowing a successor to take over post-Brexit.

April 2019 looks like an ideal time for a new leader.

2. Minority government

The deal with the DUP keeps the Conservatives in power, but the Northern Irish party are only backing May’s team on crucial votes. Without a full coalition agreement or a majority government, it will be difficult to pass legislation. For Tory leadership hopefuls, it could again be a case of letting May steer the ship through this difficult time before trying to take over ahead of a new election with a chance of leading a more stable government.

3. Jeremy Corbyn

Narratives in politics shift and alter all the time, but after June’s election and recent polling, it feels as if the next nation-wide vote will result in a Labour win and Jeremy Corbyn ending up with the keys to Number 10 Downing Street. This is far from certain, but with a small majority, potential new Tory leaders may well be calculating that it would be better for the government to collapse in the next couple of years with May at the helm, allowing them to take over in opposition and face Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn. There is no way to predict how well or badly a Corbyn premiership would be, but it would not be surprising if Boris Johnson and the like are predicting that it would be a disaster and lead straight to a return of Tory-rule.