7 in 10 leave voters favour bringing back death penalty, says poll

A recent YouGov poll for BrightBlue, a liberal-conservative think-tank, suggests that a plurality of Brits would like to see the reintroduction of the death penalty.

The death penalty

The poll, conducted in mid-September and recently released, found that 49% of all voters favoured bringing back capital punishment for murder while just 42% opposed it.

Older voters were found to be more likely to back such a change compared to younger votes, and leave voters were significantly more likely to back it than remain voters. 69% of leave voters said they would support the reintroduction of the penalty for murder compared to 28% of remain voters backing such a change.

Furthermore, the poll found that 65% of all voters favoured a significant cut in immigration, rising to 91% for leave voters.

However, it was not all bad news for social liberalism, as 66% of voters said they support same-sex marriage.

The environment

The poll also asked voters to pick two or three issues which they felt needed to be discussed more by politicians. Overall, the top three issues picked were health, immigration and housing, however, when those forty and over were excluded, climate change rose to second-place.

Furthermore, when just looking at just 18-28-year-olds, climate change came out on top.

Of this, Bright Blue called on the Conservative party to focus on green issues to woo younger voters.

Scottish Tory leader and rising party star Ruth Davidson said:

“In recent months, we in the Scottish Conservatives have set out a series of environmental policies including incentives for electric car ownership, and a target to ensure 75% of waste is recycled by 2035. If conservatism is about anything it is about handing the next generation better opportunities than our own - and that includes a more sustainable environment.

“Young people have been overlooked for too long in the UK’s political debate, when now, more than ever, they deserve to be our focus. I commend Bright Blue for putting the spotlight on this issue.”

The lack of support from young voters in June’s election is widely seen as a problem facing the party. Polling continues to show that age is a key predictor when it comes to an individual’s vote choice. Could a green-shift boost the Tories' fortunes with the young?

The full results of the poll can be accessed here.