5 facts you probably didn't know about Boris Johnson

What don’t you know about the man who could be Britain’s next prime minister?

1. President Boris Johnson?

Johnson could become Britain’s next prime minister, but it has also been possible for him to become president of the United States, as he was, like Donald Trump, born in New York. If he were to become prime minister, he would be one of only two PMs to have been born outside the British isles, the other being Conservative Andrew Bonar Law who was born in New Brunswick in 1858.

2. Giving it up

Even though he was born in America, and gained American citizenship, in 2016, Boris Johnson was one of over 5,000 people to give up their US citizenship, according to the Guardian.

3. His brother

It’s not quite Ed versus David Miliband, but Boris’ brother, Jo Johnson, has been an MP since 2015, and has served as the Universities and Science Minister since David Cameron formed majority government after the 2015 election. This makes him one of the few cabinet ministers to have kept their position in May’s takeover reshuffle.

4. Al Johnson

Despite being referred to publicly as Boris, Johnson’s full name is in fact Alexander Boris de Pfellel Johnson. In fact, the BBC has reported that his close family call him Al.

5. Boris the linguist

Johnson is known for his love of Latin, but he also speaks fluent French. He also has a reasonable grasp of Italian, however, the Guardian reported last year that Johnson struggled to give a reply to an MP in Italian, suggesting that he needs some practice.

That said, he’s no match for Europhile Nick Clegg, who speaks no fewer than five languages.