'Moggmentum' takes the Conservative Party Conference

With Conservative Party Conference underway, the phenomenon of 'Moggmentum' doesn't seem to be fading away amongst the Party's grassroots.

Despite some controversial beliefs coming to light, Mogg remains wildly popular amongst the Party activists

Earlier this week, live from Conservative Party Conference, journalist Jessica Elgot tweeted the results of a 'mock election for Party Chair.' The event was run by the Campaign for Conservative Democracy - an initiative by David Campbell-Bannerman, mirroring the Momentum call for more power to be handed to local associations. 

Current chair Patrick McGloughlin, arch-Remainer Anna Soubry, Lord Ashcroft, and other notable names, battled it out with Rees-Mogg - the 'member for the 18th Century' won with four votes more than the entire opposition total. 

Elgot proceeded to post photos from Mogg's conference fringe event - barely concealing her surprise that there was only standing room at an event run by a backbencher. Indeed, the photos seem more befitting of a popular Cabinet member (not that there are currently many) than a controversial backbencher, but the turnout is indicative of the standing Rees-Mogg still has in the Party - despite recent attacks on his views on gay marriage and abortion seemingly denting his appeal. 

Activists have turned against the Party machine following a poor election campaign

 Party activists have turned against the Party machine since the election - many disillusioned with the way the campaign was run and the lack of freedom they were allowed. For many, Rees-Mogg, as the archetypal Tory, is a banner they can rally around. Many believe that, as a backbencher with a large personal following, he could mirror the rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party. Mogg's choice to place a photograph of Margaret Thatcher - whose ideas still dominate the Party - next to him at his conference event, are likely to only improve his ratings amongst the membership. 

Though Mogg's star has fallen in recent weeks, he is still 11/2 (Oddschecker, MarathonBet) to be the next Conservative Party Leader.