US election 2020: 5 celebrity candidates who could face Donald Trump

Donald Trump's presidential win was impossible to predict. Could a celebrity dark-horse steal the show in three years?

Kim Kardashian

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is someone who certainly has a loyal base of followers and fans who could make a campaign possible. Although there is no evidence that she herself is interested in a presidential run, ABC News reports that Kardashian said her daughter North (yes that’s right, North West) would be a more successful president than Donald Trump.

Kanye West

Kardashian may have odds of 275/1 with PaddyPower for becoming president, but it is her husband Kanye West who has discussed running for president in 2020. At the end of last year, Mashable reported that West has said he could run a presidential campaign in the coming years.

PaddyPower offer odds of 125/1 for a West win in 2020 while Coral are taking less of a risk by offering odds of 100/1.

Kevin Spacey

Uniquely, Spacey is the only person on this list to have experienced White House-rule, albeit on Netflix’s hit-drama “House of Cards”. Spacey plays the dark, manipulative, murdering Democratic President Frank Underwood who does anything and everything to get what he wants. In an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Spacey joked that he could run for president.

PaddyPower currently offer odds of 200/1 for a Spacey win in 2020.

The Rock

Back in May, the BBC reported that wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson joked about a 2020 run in an appearance on Saturday Night Live. The Fast and Furious star is seen as someone with a more realistic shot at becoming president in 2020, with PaddyPower and William Hill each offering odds of 16/1 for a Dwayne Johnson presidency. To put that into perspective, his odds are shorter those for Clinton winning the 2020 vote.

George Clooney

Back in February, the Express reported that sources close to the acting giant indicated that Clooney could be preparing to run in 2020 for the Democrats.

The Express reports that one source said:

“He’s opposed to the new president just as much as anyone else but has been staying diplomatically silent because he doesn’t want to be labelled as just another hysterical Hollywood Left-winger when he announces his candidacy.”

Coral offer odds of 200/1 for a Clooney presidency while PaddyPower offer just 100/1.

All odds can be accessed here on Oddschecker. All odds are accurate as of 18th September 2017.