Only 63% of Republicans want Donald Trump to stand in 2020, says poll

A new YouGov poll found that just six in ten Republican voters think that the incumbent president should seek a second term.

Last November, Donald Trump shocked America and the wider world by beating Hillary Clinton to become the country’s 45th president. On the way to victory, many mainstream Republicans denounced him, but he eventually won enough electoral college votes to place him in the Oval Office.

Incumbent presidents usually seek a second term, but the latest YouGov poll, conducted between the 17th and 19th September, suggests that just 63% of voters in Trump’s own party think he should seek a second term. It also found that 18% of Republicans think he should not seek another term while 19% said they were not sure.

For voters of all parties, just 27% said Trump should seek another term while 54% said he should not. A further 19% said they were not sure.

On top of this, one in four conservatives said he should not run as did 13% of 2016 Trump voters. Furthermore, the latest YouGov poll suggests that Donald Trump’s net approval rating stands at -10%.


Like most polls since Trump’s rise to power, this one gives him a low net approval rating, however, it is worth noting that the overall gap between those approving and disapproving of Trump’s performance has narrowed in the last few weeks, according to analysis by FiveThirtyEight.

That said, the fact that just six in ten Republicans want him to run for second term, suggests that he is losing support with his own base. If this persists in the coming years it could help start conversations across the establishment Republican party about challenging Trump in the 2020 primaries.

Such a move would be unprecedented and could have some serious consequences for American politics.

The full results of Economist/YouGov poll can be accessed here. 1,500 US adults were questioned between the 17th and 19th September.