Bloomberg - World's biggest hedge funds set to reveal some trade secrets

Top Secret

Of all the hedge fund world’s secrets, few are more closely guarded than the inner workings of Bridgewater Associates Inc. Now, founder Ray Dalio plans to share his management system and corporate culture with the world.

“We’re about to take the algorithms we have, and we’re going to give them to others,” Dalio said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “We’re figuring out how to make that fit in a number of other companies, to just pass it along.”

It’s a radical turn for a radical firm. The billionaire leader of the world’s largest hedge fund has developed one of the more unusual approaches to management, and more recently turned them into computerized apps. There’s the Dot Collector, which employees use to rate one another on a grid visible to the entire firm; the Pain Button, used to record emotions like anger or frustration; and Baseball Cards, a summary of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses -- again, available for all at Bridgewater to see.

Several large technology companies in Silicon Valley are eager to implement his ideas, said Dalio. He declined to name them and estimated the first roll-out is at least 18 months away.

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Ray Dalio Says He’s Ready to Give Away Bridgewater’s Secrets

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