7 shortest-serving MPs since 1990

From the Liberal Democrats' Sarah Olney to Labour's Michael Carr.

7th – Peter Law

Law served as a Welsh Assembly member from 1999 right up until his death in 2006, but also won the Welsh seat of Blaenau Gwent at the 2005 election for Labour.

He served as an MP for 355 days – just shy of a whole year.

6th - Judith Chaplin

Chaplin won the seat of Newbury for the Conservatives at the 1992 general election, but died after just 316 days of service.

The subsequent by-election was won by the Lib Dems’ David Rendel who held the seat until 2005.

5th - Parmjit Singh Gill

Singh Gill took the seat of Leister South in a 2004 by-election for the Liberal Democrats. He won the seat from Labour following the death of Labour MP Jim Marshall, but Singh Gill failed to keep the seat at the following year’s election.

He lasted as the constituency's MP for just 294 days.

4th - Harry Harpham

Harpham’s seat of Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough was previously held by David Blunkett, but Harpham was chosen to take over as Labour’s candidate in the 2015 general election. He won the seat, but tragically died after just 273 days of service.

Labour retained the seat in the subsequent by-election and won it with an even bigger majority in June’s snap election.

3rd - Sarah Olney

Olney won last year’s Richmond Park by-election for the Liberal Democrats, but lost the seat in June’s election.

Zac Goldsmith’s return to the seat saw her defeated by 45 votes, making her length of service just 188 days.

2nd - Nicol Stephen

After the death of the Tory MP in Kincardine and Deeside, Stephen won the seat in the 1991 by-election, but lost it at the 1992 general election, lasting just 154 days. However, he went on to become an MSP in the Scottish Parliament, where he briefly served as Scotland’s deputy first minister. He now sits in the House of Lords.

1st - Michael Carr

The shortest-serving MP of all time was Thomas Higgins, who died on election night 1906. But the shortest-serving MP of modern times was Michael Carr, who won the seat of Bootle for Labour at the 1990 by-election, but died after just 57 days in office, causing the second by-election of that year.

The seat has been held by Labour since 1945.

Length of days of service included are based of data on this Wikipedia page about the UK's shortest-serving MPs.