How do young people view these 6 Labour, Tory and Lib Dem politicians?

A recent YouGov poll asked respondents for their views on a range of key politicians. Here’s what the youngest voters said.

The poll, conducted between the 4th and 5th September, asked respondents how they felt about different parties before asking them for their views on current politicians. The most popular party – or should we say least unpopular – with the overall GB population sample was the Labour party who had a net favourability rating of -8%. With those aged 65 and over, the party’s net rating was -46%. On the other hand, the net rating from 18-25-year-olds was +36%.

Almost the exact opposite is true for the Tories. Here’s what the youngest age group said about six big political players.

1. Theresa May

Theresa May’s overall popularity has plummeted since the general election campaign, but there are signs of a modest comeback. However, when it comes to young people, the verdict on Britain’s prime minister is clear. Just 20% of 18-25-year-olds questioned said they had a favourable view of May, a figure dwarfed by the 64% with an unfavourable view of her. This gives her a net approval rating of -44% with the youngest segment of the voting-age population.

2. Jeremy Corbyn

In contrast with Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn is favoured by the vast majority of youngsters. Over six in ten young people (62%) hold a favourable view towards Corbyn, well ahead of the 20% with a different opinion.

That gives him a net approval rating of +42% with young people. His overall approval rating is -8%.

3. Vince Cable

Overall, Vince Cable has a net approval rating of +4% with young people. At first glance, this is good news for the Liberal Democrat leader who is trying to reach out about Brexit with a group who opposed the decision to leave the EU so strongly, but the numbers tell a different story. The most common answer picked by young people was “don’t know”, chosen by over two-thirds of young respondents (65%).

On top of this, 39% of respondents overall said they did not know how they felt about the Lib Dem leader. Clearly, Cable needs to do a lot of work to reach out the public.

4. Boris Johnson

Overall, Johnson has a net favourability rating of -17%, a figure only slightly better than the prime minister’s -20%.

Young people view the former Mayor of London poorly, with just 22% giving him a favourable rating compared to the 58% with an unfavourable opinion. His net approval rating the with youngers is therefore -36%.

Interestingly, his net rating with Londoners is -34%.

5. David Davis

The embattled Brexit secretary has a net approval rating of -16% with young people, however, like with Vince Cable most 18-25-year-olds said they do not know, suggesting they are not quite sure of who he is or what he does. 63% of young people gave this response as did 44% of the overall sample.

6. Jacob Rees-Mogg

Rees-Mogg has gained attention over the summer, but the verdict from the YouGov poll is that most people do not know who he is or do not know enough about him to make an informed opinion (51%). When it comes to young people, 61% gave this response.

His net favourability rating with 18-25-year-olds is -21%.

In an unsurprising finding, only leave-voters, Tories and respondents aged 65 and over gave him an overall positive approval rating.

The YouGov poll was conducted between the 4th and 5th September, and can be accessed here. 1,644 GB adults were questioned including 191 18-25-year-olds (weighted sample 177).