7 very unlikely names for the Duke and Duchess’ new royal baby

William and Kate are having a third child. But what won’t they name it?

The names of new royals typically come from the names of previous generations. George is a popular name in the British royal family, as is Charlotte, suggesting that their sibling will have a similarly Royal name.

According to Oddschecker, the current seven favourite names for William and Kate’s unborn child are Alice, Arthur, Victoria, Fred/Frederick, Philip, Elizabeth and Alex/Alexander, all of which have varying degrees of royal significance.

But what if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide to rebel to opt for an unconventional name? Here are seven unlikely names for the fifth in line to the throne.

1. Joffrey

According to the Daily Mail, Will and Kate are reportedly Game of Thrones fans. Logically, if they were that keen on the show, they could name their new child after one of the characters. However, a British Prince Joffrey seems very unlikely for three solid reasons. Firstly, it’s a ridiculous name, it's as if someone tried to say Jeffrey, but vomited midway through their attempt. Secondly, the character brilliantly portrayed by Jack Gleeson was one of the most evil, horrid characters ever created. Thirdly, there is no evidence that Joffrey is a popular name within the royal family.

Nonetheless, SkyBet are currently offering odds of 1000/1 for a British Prince Joffrey. This outcome will definitely not happen, but in the age of 500/1 outsiders such as Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump, should we really rule it out?

2. Daenerys

Daenerys Targaryen, played superbly by Emilia Clarke, is another Game of Thones character that Will and Kate could name their new child after. If they end up with a princess rather than a prince, then Daenerys is surely more likely than Joffrey. SkyBet even offers odds of 500/1 for a Princess Daenerys, odds shorter than those offered for Joffrey probably due to the fact that the Mother of Dragons is a well-loved character unlike Joffrey, who people love to hate.

3. Bruce

Calling their child Bruce would be a surprise move. A quick search of Wikipedia’s Royal Family Tree page suggests that there have been no significant recent royal Bruces. Then again, a night spent drinking Tenants lager and watching a re-run of Braveheart could inspire them to name their new child after an ancient King of Scots, Robert the Bruce.

BetVictor offer odds of 500/1 for a Prince Bruce.

4. Beyonce

During a trip to the states in late 2014, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met pop megastar Beyonce, as reported by Popsugar Entertainement. Could they have been inspired enough by the meeting to name their third child after her? It seems unlikely, hence the long odds of 500/1 with BetVictor. Nonetheless, it would not be the most peculiar thing to happen in the news in recent years.

5. Donald

What are the odds that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been inspired by Trump’s ascencion to power? It is difficult to imagine the pair naming their third child Donald even if they wanted to as the name is so closely associated with divisive President Donald Trump. William Hill offer odds of 100/1 for a Prince Donald while PaddyPower longer odds of 200/1 for such an outcome.

6. Florence

The Italian city of Florence is probably one of the most glamourous and stunning metropolises in the entire world. Will and Kate could end up being inspired by its beauty and rich history by naming their new child after it. On top of that, the name could be given to show solidarity with Theresa May, who is due to make a landmark Brexit speech their next week, according to the Guardian.

The odds of a Princess Florence? Shorter than you would think, with William Hill offering 33/1 and PaddyPower offering 50/1.

7. William

Could William be that guy and name his own son after himself? How would Kate feel about such a situation? Such an outcome seems very unlikely although Queen Victoria and her husband Albert had children named after each of them so it does not fall without the realm of possibility in the context of the Royal family.

SkyBet offers odds of 33/1 for a new Prince William.

What will they actually call the new-born?

Realistically, my money is probably on Victoria for a girl or Henry for a boy. That said, Blair would be a good option. It works for both genders, and it has the added bonus of completing the old saying:

“An heir, a spare…and a Blair.”

All odds are accurate as of 14th September and can be accessed here on Oddschecker.