US election 2020: what are the odds of a Bernie Sanders presidency?

Sanders lost out to Clinton in the 2016 primary process, but could the independent Vermont Senator win in 2020?

The Independent has recently reported that Sanders is appearing at numerous notable events in key battleground locations, which have led to speculation of a Sanders presidential run in three years-time.

One significant barrier often brought up about a 2020 run is Sanders’ age. Born in 1941, the Senator will be almost 80 when the next US election takes place.

Sanders was elected Senator in 2006, and re-elected in 2012. With Senators being elected every six years, Sanders us up for election again in 2018. Whether he stands or not could be an indicator about a presidential-bid two years later.

According to Oddschecker, Sanders’ is the second-favourite to clinch the Democratic nomination come 2020. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is currently the favourite, with her odds currently standing at 6/1 with Ladbrokes and 13/2 with William Hill. Sanders’ odds are currently 8/1 with Ladbrokes and 10/1 with William Hill.

What about Sanders’ odds of becoming president in 2020? He is currently the fourth favourite, according to Oddschecker. Incumbent President Donald Trump is currently the favourite to win the 2020 election, followed by VP Mike Pence, who could take over in the event Trump leaves the Oval Office early or if Trump is challenged in the Republican primaries. The third favourite is Elizabeth Warren, who has been a Senator since 2013.

Will Sanders run?

After building up an enthusiastic base, energising the left of the Democratic party, and coming close to defeating Hillary Clinton in last year’s primary elections, Sanders should be the clear favourite, however, his age is definitely a factor. If Sanders won the presidency in 2020 and then in 2024, he would be almost 88 by the time the left the Oval Office the oldest of any US president.

Sanders has a shot at becoming the next US president, but a more sensible option could be to pass the baton on to a younger progressive with the same visions and bold ideas as Bernie Sanders.