The five US presidents who had never been elected to public office

Trump is the most recent addition to this list, but which other presidents make the cut?

1. Donald Trump

The incumbent holder of the office is the most recent president to have become president without having been elected to any public role. The businessman and reality TV star spent most of his life growing the Trump Organization, which he inherited from his parents, before being the shock winner of 2016 Republican primary and the subsequent presidential election against Hillary Clinton.

2. Dwight Eisenhower

Eisenhower emerged as a popular figure in the years after World War Two when he spent time as the Army’s Chief of Staff and the 1st Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. There were numerous attempts to woo him to run for president by both Democrats and Republicans, but he initially declined before going on to win the 1952 Republican primary and the subsequent general election.

He went on to win a second term in 1956.

3. Herbert Hoover

This engineer and humanitarian was appointed Woodrow Wilson’s Director of the US Food Administration and was later appointed the US Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge.

His appointed positions no doubt helped him secure his place as a leading presidential candidate when he went on to win the 1928 Republican primaries and the subsequent election.

4. Ulysses S. Grant

This Republican served as America’s 18th president between 1869 and 1877 following five years as the US Army’s Commanding General. He led the army at the end of the Civil War, something which helped him secure support amongst Republicans.

5. Zachary Taylor

Like Grant and Eisenhower after him, Taylor’s presidency was forged from a successful military career. Taylor won the 1848 presidential election for the Whigs, but died just after a year into his term.

He was succeeded by VP Millard Fillmore in 1850.