How do remainers feel about these six Tory MPs?

A new YouGov poll asked voters to voice their opinions on a range of big political players.

The poll, conducted between the 4th and 5th September, asked respondents whether they had a favourable or unfavourable view on top politicians including Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May and Vince Cable.

Six politicians included were Conservatives – how did the remain-group of respondents feel about them?

1. Theresa May

May did not back the pro-Brexit campaign during the referendum, but she has backed Brexit since the start of the leadership contest triggered by David Cameron. To her “Brexit means Brexit,” so it is not surprising that remain-voters have a very negative view of the prime minister.

No less than 73% of remain-voting respondents said they had an unfavourable view of the prime minister, including 52% saying they had a very unfavourable view of the PM. In contrast, just 22% of remainers had a favourable view of her.

Her net approval rating with remain-voters is therefore -51%.

This is not good for a prime minister who called the election in an attempt to “unite” the country.

2. Philip Hammond

Hammond also backed remain before the referendum, but has accepted the outcome of last June’s vote.

So, how do remainers feel about him? 49% said they had an unfavourable view of him while just 17% said the opposite. A further 35% said they did not know, putting his net approval rating at -32%.

Hammond is disliked amongst remainers, but less so than Theresa May.

3. Boris Johnson

Johnson’s decision to back the leave-side in last year’s vote created a buzz around the pro-Brexit campaign. It was a big victory for the Brexiteers, whose main figureheads would otherwise have been the likes of Nigel Farage and Michael Gove.

Johnson’s presence may have helped tipped the vote in favour of Brexit, so it is no surprise that Boris is even more unfavourable with remain voters. 74% said they had an unfavourable view of the foreign secretary, well ahead of the 19% in disagreement.

Combining the scores, give him a net approval rating of -55% with leavers, four points lower than Theresa May’s.

4. David Davis

Despite being the government’s secretary for the biggest facing the country right now, 44% of poll respondents said they did not know how they felt, as did 35% of remainers.

Just 12% of remainers said they had a favourable view of Davis well behind the 52% with unfavourable views.

His net approval rating with remain-backers is therefore -40%.

5. Jacob Rees-Mogg

Rees-Mogg’s odds for becoming the next Tory leader have shortened over the summer, with speculation mounting that he could be a future Tory party leader. It is worth noting that this poll was conducted before his recent comments about abortion and same-sex marriage on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Again, like with David, Rees-Mogg has a high proportion of respondents saying they did not know (51% over-all and 40% of remainers).

Rees-Mogg is a strong Brexit-supporter so it comes as no surprise that 48% of remainers have an unfavourable view of the back-bencher compared to the 12% with a favourable view.

6. Anna Soubry

Lastly comes the former Small Business Minister, Anna Soubry, who has been a vocal supporter of Britain’s membership of the European Union. However, a large majority of respondents said they did not know how they felt about her (70%), including 69% of remainers.

Surprisingly, just 11% of remain-voters had a favourable view of her compared to the 21% with an unfavourable view. This could be down to the high proportion of don’t know voters, as well as her being the least prominent of Tory MPs included in the poll.

The full results of the YouGov poll (4th - 5th September) can be viewed here.