7 possible outcomes for Theresa May’s time as PM

How will Theresa May's time at the top come to an end?

1. Theresa May steps down

One possible future outcome for May's premiership is that she realises in the coming months that she does not have the support she thought she did within her party. She could then make the decision to step aside for the Conservatives. Such a move could create more uncertainty during the Brexit negotiations, but a full-blown leadership contest could allow a fresh face to emerge, and give the new leader time to prepare ahead of the next election.

2. Theresa May is challenged in the immediate future

Another possible outcome of May’s premiership is that she is challenged before Brexit negotiations are complete. Such a challenge could come from a heavy-weight such as Boris Johnson or David Davis - or even a disgruntled backbencher fed up with May’s mishandling of Brexit and other issues.

May could either step aside without facing an embarrassing defeat or take on a range of candidates and lose.

3. May quits after Brexit

A report from the Metro recently suggested that May could quit in two years-time, just months after the UK’s exit from the European Union. Such an outcome would allow the Tory party to elect a new leader ahead of a fresh election.

4. The post-Brexit defeat

In this scenario, May could deliver Brexit and prepare to lead the party into the next election, but Tory MPs could say they have had enough and subsequently announce plans to challenge the prime minister. A post-Brexit defeat for May would see a new leader emerge, ready to take their party into the next election.

5. Theresa May leads the Tories into the next election and loses

Assuming the next election does not occur until after Brexit, Theresa May could lead her party into a fresh vote, something which she has told the BBC she plans on doing. In this scenario, May would lose to Jeremy Corbyn - or whoever succeeds him – and step down from leading the party.

6. May leads her party into the new election with little change

A new election resulting in a Conservative minority government or even a slim majority would be embarrassing for May. After two election disasters, Tory MPs could look to replace May, electing a new prime minister shortly after a general election.

7. May leads her party into next election and wins big

Under this scenario, all would be forgiven. A moderate majority, or even one on the scale expected in 2017 would secure May’s place for years to come and confound her new critics.

Like Margaret Thatcher said about herself, Theresa May could go on and on.