7 highest US presidential turnout rates since WW2

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When did the most Americans turn up to cast their ballots?

7th - 2004

In 2000, Republican George W. Bush won the presidency in one of the tightest US presidential elections in history. Four years later, Bush secured a second-term by defeating Democrat John Kerry on a turnout rate of 55.7% - the seventh highest for a US presidential election since 1945.

6th - 2008

Four years later, Barack Obama came to power on wave of hope and optimism. He won 365 electoral votes with running-mate Joe Biden, much higher than the 173 won by Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin. The turnout rate for this vote was 58.2%.

5th - 1956

In 1956, 59.3% of Americans went to the polls to elect Dwight Eisenhower for a second term as president, securing another four years of Republican rule. Eisenhower won the election with 457 electoral college votes and 57.4% of the popular vote.

4rd - 1968

After Lyndon B. Johnson declined to run for a second full term, the 1968 election was a fight between Republican Richard Nixon and Democrat Hubert Humphrey. Third-party candidate George Wallace even managed to win five south-eastern states with 13.5% of the overall vote.

In the end, Nixon won the battle, securing a Republican win after eight years of Democratic White House-rule. The turnout rate for this election was 60.7% of the American voting age population.

3rd -1964

After JFK’s assassination in 1963, Lyndon B. Johnson took over as US president, and won the following contest in 1964. He won almost every state and 61.1% of the vote on a turnout rate of 61.4%.

Republican Barry Goldwater won just six states.

2nd - 1952

In 1944, FDR won an historic fourth term as president, but died shortly after his inauguration. VP Harry S. Truman took over and won the 1948 election, securing another four years of Democrat White House-rule, taking their time in power to twenty consecutive years. Then in 1952, Dwight Eisenhower won the White House for the Republicans, beating Democratic nominee Aldi Stevenson.

The turnout rate at the election was 61.6%.

1st - 1960

Eight years after Eisenhower’s first victory, his VP Richard Nixon faced Democratic candidate John F. Kennedy in the 1960 election. The result was tight, with Nixon winning the most states and both candidates winning thirty-four million votes, but JFK ultimately won the most electoral votes (303 to Nixon’s 209).

At this election, 62.8% of voting age Americans turned up to the polls.

All turnout figures for this list are based of figures on Wikipedia's page of US elections, which can be accessed here.