Poll: Corbyn’s Labour struggling on the economy, migration and Brexit

If Jeremy Corbyn wants to become prime minister, Labour will need to improve on these key issues.

In June’s snap election, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour came a spectacular second, winning seats from the Conservatives and outperforming almost everyone’s expectations.

The latest YouGov/Times poll puts the party one percentage point ahead of the Conservatives (42% - 41%), but when it comes to some of the most important issues facing the country, Labour falls behind their key rivals.

Poll respondent were asked to name the most important issues currently facing the UK. They could pick up to three.

The number one response was Brexit, with 65% picking this option, followed by health on 40%, immigration and asylum on 39%, the economy on 34% and housing on 20%.

When it came to the number one issue facing the country, Brexit, just 16% said Labour was best placed to handle the issue, well behind the 29% saying the Conservatives were best-placed to deal with it.

As for health, 39% said Labour was best-placed to handle the NHS, well-ahead of the Tories on 23%. But when it came to immigration and asylum, 27% picked the Conservatives ahead of the 19% who said Labour.

The party also struggles on the economy in general – just 23% said Labour was best placed to handle the economy, significantly behind the 36% who said the Conservatives, however, they outperform the Tories on housing.

Labour may be seen as best-placed to handle the NHS and housing, but when it comes to the EU, immigration and the economy - three of the major issues of our time - the party needs to do better if it wishes to return to government.

The full results of the YouGov poll can be accessed here.