48% of Americans oppose Trump’s border wall, says poll

A new YouGov/Economist poll indicates that most Americans are against a border wall.

The new poll surveyed 1,500 US adults between the 27th and 29th August. The poll suggests that Donald Trump’s net approval rating is -15%, with 38% of Americans approving of the president and 53% disapproving.

The poll also asked Americans about their views towards Trump’s flagship border wall policy.

The Guardian reported in June that wall prototypes would be built by September.

More recently, the Huffington Post has said that Donald Trump has suggested that a government shut-down could follow if money is not provided to pay for the wall.

The new poll indicates that 36% of Americans support a border wall while almost half (48%) oppose the proposal. Unsurprisingly, 78% of Trump-voters support the policy, as do 70% of Republicans voters.

Poll respondents were then asked if they would support or oppose a government shutdown to force Congress to provide money to pay for the southern border wall.

Most Americans were found to be opposed to a shutdown (63%), with 48% strongly opposing it.

10% said the strongly favoured a shutdown while 10% somewhat supported a shutdown.

The numbers make bad-reading for Donald Trump if he intends to go down that route.

The full results of the YouGov poll can be found here.